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Traffic and education system in Canada

Published on 2011-02-10 06:33 By Hlevca, Bogdan in uncategorized

I lived my last fourteen years in Canada, but I sill cannot stop wondering about certain things that seem to be illogical, just to use an euphemism. If we take the simple example of traffic tickets. If police caught you driving without your seatbelt, you face a fine of almost $200 and on top of that three demerit points. Hmm ... this must be a very serious offense indeed! Only failing to stop when school bus is loading or dropping off kids will earn you more demerit points and a heftier fine. On the other hand, if you don't signal when taking turns or your low beam looks more like searching for owls in trees, police could not care less. Forget about retarded teens who replace the muffler to get attention by imitating a 1929 truck. At least I haven't heard of anyone being charged for any of those. Lets analyze the two different situations. Which could be more hazardous for the public roads? Assuming that I am in a situation of a serious accident, if I am not wearing a seatbelt I am only putting my life in danger, but does not threaten anyone else's. Why should I be punished for taking the risk which does not hurt anyone and it is not anybody else's business? On the other hand, failing to signal is going to produce a lot more damage. Not only slowing down the traffic, but failing to signal has a huge potential of producing major accidents in intersections. With all due respect to fellow Canadian drivers, when it comes to signaling they suck big time! Most of them, to give them some credit, signal when they have to make a 90 degrees turn. People, signal even if you change lanes or exit the highway, it won't hurt your car! Promise! On the other hand, you can probably easily imagine what an improperly adjusted low beam can produce on a narrow, dark side road at 80 Km/h. I don't need to tell you that.

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