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My daughter's thoughts about North American culture

Published on 2011-02-13 08:41 By Hlevca, Bogdan in uncategorized

Here are some thoughts I got from her blog before i had to shut it down:


War is God's way of teaching America about Geography - May 27

I have realized, even in myself, whom I consider an educated person, that North Americans are illiterate when it comes to Geography. I am sure of this because I have a standard of comparison. My parents grew up in Europe and were educated there. They know where Sinai is, what the Capital of Venezuela is and what the longest river in the world is. Though these facts may seem utterly irrelevant to one's ability to have a fulfilled life, consider this: if we didn't have Wikipedia at the tips of our fingers, what could we really do, solely with what we have inside our heads? Not much. Yes, in reality we do have the entire web within reach, with its wealth of information, but I find that there is a certain level of integrity and pride that is associated with knowing things on your own. I like to know what they're talking about when they say that a bomb went off in Damascus, on the news. I feel good knowing what continent someone's from when they tell me they're from Somalia. Maybe it's just me, but I like knowing things and I like being around other people who know things. It definitely wouldn't hurt anyone if our education system was a little more focused on learning (at least in the primary years, which are completely wasted on colouring and the like; and honestly, how many years does it take to teach kids basic arithmetics? a lot less than eight, that's for sure!)


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