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Canadian Electoral System

Published on 2011-05-03 09:45 By Hlevca, Bogdan in uncategorized

The dark ages have arrived to Canada. It will be difficult to find a better example to demonstrate that the current voting system is anachronistic and anti-democratic by allowing a party with only 39% of the votes to get comfortable majority in parliament. It is a shame that 60% of Canada's population won't be represented in parliament and very regrettable that Mr. Harper's onslaught will continue to erode our fragile democracy and impose his unpopular policies, which favor only some. A federal election should have proportional representation because the Canadian parliament is serving the interests for ALL the Canadians. I am so surprised that although we live in the 21 century politics is so primitive. I am also surprised that so many people don't understand that they vote AGAINST their interests and most of all they don't understand that our little planet is in fact small and that we have outgrown it. It is time to wake up and look around us. We still have time to save our environment by realizing that we all live above the sustainability level. It is hard to admit that and even harder to adjust to that, but while there is still a chance I am going to continue to raise awareness. It is not to late to change! Maybe.

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